Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Take a peek inside the art room!

Thank you Robin Dodd of Robin Dodd Photography for this fun and fabulous photo shoot! Thank you for including my story and the story of Lockeland Art in your project depicting the roles of East Nashville women in their community. It is such an honor to be a part of this amazing and vibrant school community and to be a part of the East Nashville community that we all know and love. My classroom is not exactly what you see in these photos. Robin and I were striving to show you the essence of creativity which does include movement, talking, and activity. We wanted you to see the energy that is in art and to feel the joyous spirit of creativity with just a single shot. Which one do you think best shows this feeling? I hope you can feel the inspiration in all of them!

See our Art Show

This video is about Lockeland Art's 3rd annual community based art show featuring each and every student (grades K-4) along with artist from the community. This year our theme was the "Magical Mystery Tour; on the Road to Love , Peace and Understanding." The theme was inspired by one of our teachers who was the survivor/thriver of a violent crime last year. We hope to help change the world with a lots of art and lots of love!

Thank you Jason Mallory of RedBone Entertainment for making this fabulous video of our 3rd annual Art Show and Sale for the "Magical Mystery Tour." Click the link below to watch!

To see more of Jason's Work visit: and

Monday, May 31, 2010

Transcript of Flood Stories

To HEAR Lockeland's audio clip from NPT on the Nashville Flood, CLICK HERE

After the Nashville flood I began posting stories of what the children saw floating down the river and taking photos of their art on my share site. The children's stories and drawings caught the eye of a local reporter from NPT who came out to Lockeland to learn more. You can read and hear the story by clicking the link above.

Kids Draw Flood Memories (transcript)

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Lockeland Art Flood Stories on WPLN - Nashville Public Radio

Click the link below to listen to our Lockeland Art Flood Stories as hear on WPLN, Nashville Public Radio

The scope of Tennessee’s historic flooding is hard for adults to fully comprehend. This week many school children have taken class time to interpret what they’ve seen on TV and experienced first hand. WPLN’s Anne Marshall has this story from East Nashville’s Lockeland Elementary, where kids are using art to make sense of what’s happened.
Listen Now:

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Healing Through Art

Nashville has been declared a federal disaster area by Obama because of the recent ravage of our community by massive amounts of rain, rising rivers and unpredicted flood waters. Thousands of homes in Nashville are still underwater, many families have lost everything and two hundred homes in the neighborhood of our school alone are still underwater.

Our students will most likely be reporting back to school on Monday and as the children's art teacher I am thinking of ways to help heal our community and the city of Nashville. I would love to have them decorate signs with Sharpie markers with words like: Hope, Help, Healing, Love, and take them out into the community to help boost the morale of all the tireless workers who are exhaustively trying to help others. I want to help the children to help others.

Our community has been amazing in coming together to support one another. I am planning on ideas for how our children can give back as I am sure they will want to help as well. Although it is not safe for them to be helping clean up the devastated homes - they can help by creating art that can encourage and support our community in other positive ways. If you have ideas or would like to help me help the children help others please email me at:

Monday, April 26, 2010

About this site

This site is for all those interested in what is going with with Lockeland Art! Currently we are celebrating our art show: "Magical Mystery Tour; On the Road to Love, Peace and Understanding." Almost every class is showcased here with a fine art print, photos from the art show, and information about the the guest artist who worked with their class. We are still working on completing Dr. Nicholson's 4th grade, and each of the kindergarten classes. Check out the list of guest artist to the right of your screen and click on their links. You will also find information about the host of our art show, Riverside Village. Each business is listed to the right of this screen with links to their information. Thank you for reading about a looking at our art. I hope you enjoy! - Camilla

With Loving Thanks!

With Loving Thanks!

The "The Magical Mystery Tour; On the Road to Love, Peace and Understanding" was a huge success!

Loving Thanks to all of those who helped. Sixteen guest artist shared their time and talents with our school.Countless parents helped to get the art show ready, take it down and bring each piece
carefully back to school. A special thank you goes out to Dan Heller and all the merchants of Riverside Village. The show will remain on display in Riverside Village until May 10th. Please stop by Riverside Village at1400 McGavock Pike and visit the children's beautiful art.

I am still collecting the $10.00 for the children's art. Nashville Dave is almost finished creating fine art prints from the photos that Carrie Fanning, of "Pick A Fig Photography" ( took of the children's art. These prints commemorate our beautiful art show. The fine art prints are $30.00 and will be on display soon at Lockeland.

Please make all checks for the Art Show and Sale to: Lockeland Design Center.
Thank you!
Ms. Camilla

Thursday, April 22, 2010

"The Colors of Love, Peace, and Understanding" Lockeland's fourth grade art club, Guest Artist, Robert Edwards

Robert Edwards of the Teacup Gardner was the guest artist for Lockeland’s fourth grade art club. Robert was inspired by, and in turn inspired, the children with the work of Pablo Picasso. He brought in his favorite Picasso books and shared many images with the children before encouraging them to first draw and then paint their own Picasso inspired portraits on wooden panels.

Robert used a portrait from each art club student and combined it with portraits made by himself and his own children to create this amazing Picasso inspired totem pole. This sculpture is well suited for the garden and combines the true spirit of the community effort that the “Magical Mystery Tour Art Show” embodies.

Robert Edwards has donated this piece and it is available at our online auction: search “Lockeland Art Auction.”

"Peace Path" Mrs. Foutch's fourth grade, Guest Artist, Nashville Concrete Artist

The Nashville Concrete Artist was the guest artist for Mrs. Foutch’s fourth grade class. Carrie taught the children about the blending of science and art to create beautiful things out of concrete.

First the children saw and felt all the ingredients that go into concrete and watched Carrie mix it before their very eyes. Next, they poured the wet concrete into a mold and pressed jewels and small treasures into it. On the second pour they saved their plaques until it was hardened and then painted a peace sign with acrylic paint.

You can also see examples of her fine art currently displayed in Sip Cafe. Carrie has donated the large “Peace Sign Stepping Stone” that was designed to be a landing at the base of your steps or a focal point in your garden. It is avalible at our online auction: search “Lockeland Art Auction.”

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Auction Items - - search "Lockeland Art"

Opening Night

"Spread the Word, Love, Peace and Understanding" Mrs. Rodger's third grade class, Guest Artist, Angel Price

Angelique Price is the guest artist for Mrs. Rodger’s third grade class. Angel taught the class the power that positive words can have in your life. Each child chose a powerfully positive word that they wanted to paint. You can read about why each child chose that word and what it means to them on the information card below each piece of art.

The children created these acrylic on wood paintings with advice from Angel to use layer upon layer of paint and to feel free and loving while making their art. It was a joy to watch each child paint for days in the art room!

"Magic Masks" Mr. Todd's third grade, Guest Artist Michelle Sharp

Sharp is the guest artist for Mr. Todd’s 3rd grade class. Michelle taught the children about how magical and mysterious masks can be. These masks each have a story about how you would be changed if you were to wear one of them. You can read those stories in the binder located on the counter.

The children created these masks in a multi-step collaboration with Michelle. First, the students used newspaper and tape to sculpt their masks, then layers of plaster were added. Next, the children applied gesso and then layers of acrylic paint. The masks are finished with a layer of gloss varnish and displayed proudly for you to see!

Michelle’s amazing sculpture is located at the foot of this display and is available through our online auction site on: search for “Lockeland Art Auction”

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Mysterious Harlequins" Mrs. Hayes' third grade, Guest Artist, Carrie Fanning

Carrie Fanning was the guest artist for Mrs. Hayes’ third grade class. Carrie taught the children about Picasso and his phase in sketching and painting Harlequins. The children were delighted to create their own Harlequin character and wrote amazing stories to go along with their art.

When creating their art, the children first drew an outline of a Harlequin with a pencil and then went over it with black glue. Once the black glue was dried the children filled in the shapes with beautiful colored chalk that they blended with a tissue.

Carrie created Pysanky eggs, which are rich in tradition, and black outlines very much like the children’s art. Carrie’s hand waxed and dyed eggs are available on our online auction site: and search for “Lockeland Art Auction.”

"Mystery Objects" Mrs. Kessler's second grade, Guest Artist, Jill Block

Jill Block was the guest artist for Mrs. Kessler’s Second Grade Class. Jill inspired the children by showing them many of her photographs and giving them some tips on taking good photos. We decided it would be fun to take close-up photos of objects that were out of context with the world around them.

First the children looked around the room to find an object that was interesting to them and snapped a photo. Next they came and worked with me on the computer zooming in until they were satisfied with the level of abstraction of their image.
After all the photos were printed we took a good look at them and had a great time writing clues to help you figure the mystery objects out. We wish you well in discovering the true identity of each “Mystery Object.”

Jill Block created this beautiful photo of her version of a mystery object. Her piece is on display with the children’s and it is also available on our online auction: and search for “Lockeland Art Auction.”

"Understanding Lockeland's History" Ms. Butler's second grade class, Guest Artist, Steve Johnson.

Steve Johnson was the guest artist for Ms. Butler’s Second Grade Class. Steve used his skills as an architect to come up with a lesson on Lockeland’s history and architecture. Steve taught the children the history of our school and East Nashville. Each child was able to come to a deeper understanding of our school’s history and imagine it in its past, present and future.

Steve found an elevation of Lockeland and had them printed on a sheet of watercolor paper. After learning about the school’s history the children drew what was important to them about our school’s past, present, and/or future. Many of the children used words in their art to help explain what they were conveying visually.

Each child has written an explanation of their work on the attached information sheets. We hope you enjoy their stories.

"Japanese Inspired Family Crest" Mrs. Birdwell's second grade, Guest Artist, Hosanna Banks

Hosanna Banks was the guest artist for Mrs. Birdwell’s Second Grade Class. Hosanna inspired the children by teaching the history and importance of the family crest in Japan. We were delighted to learn that the logo for Wantanabe is an adaptation of the co-owner’s family crest. Wantanabe’s crest symbolizes three people in a ship and means, “three heads are better than one.” If you have ever had the pleasure to work with Mr. Wantanabe you would see that to be true.

First the children drew on a piece of silk with a special liquid wax. When the wax was set they painted on the silk with a special, richly colored dye. Each of the crests you see hanging in this show represents something about this child’s family that is important to them. You can read more about them in the binder located at the bar or the hostess’ stand.

Hosanna created a beautiful torn paper collage on the head of a drum. Her piece is on display with the children’s and it is also available on our online auction: and search for “Lockeland Art Auction.”

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"What is More Lovely than a Tree?" Ms. Scruggs' first grade, Mike Gallagher, Guest Artist

Mike Gallagher was the guest artist for Mrs. Scruggs’ First Grade Class. Mike shared skills for painting watercolors with the class and had each child reflect on how trees made us feel peaceful and loving before beginning their work. The children observed and thought about many examples of trees before they painted them.

First the children drew a tree lightly with a pencil. Next they used lots of water a little bits of paint. While one painting was drying they worked on another. They learned about painting in layers of color to build the rich color you see here. Each child has written about how the tree inspired them on the information card attached. It’s lovely to see their art and writing combined in this very peaceful project.

"Kind Kimonos" Mrs. Henley's first grade, David Harper, Guest Artist

Nashville Dave was the guest artist for Mrs. Henley’s First Grade Class. David is inspired by collage and working with many images and types of paper. We all enjoyed thinking of the peaceful feelings we had when looking at examples of beautiful kimonos. We also thought about how loving you would feel wearing such a beautiful garment.

First the children drew a kimono with colorful oil pastels. A fixitive was later added to keep the pastels from smearing. Each child cut out their kimono and glued it to a piece of gorgeous and richly textured background paper.

David has donated an original kimono collage, available at our online auction: search for “Lockeland Art Auction”

Monday, April 12, 2010

"Peace on the Land, Sea, and Air" Mrs. Brannan's 1st Grade. Guest Artist, Michelle Fuqua

Michelle Fuqua was the guest artist for Mrs. Brannan’s First Grade Class. Michelle blended her art skills and engineering skills to come up with this 2d/3d project for the children. The children were thinking peaceful thoughts about the land, sea or air when creating them. You can read about the meaning behind their art on the attached information cards.

First the children neatly painted a symbol with acrylic paint on a sheet of plexiglass. Next, they let their creativity flow by squishing paint, sequins and glitter all over their background sheet of plexiglass. The two pieces came together with the beautiful result you see here.

Michelle has donated an original acrylic on plexi glass painting available at our online auction: and search for “Lockeland Art Auction.”

Sunday, April 11, 2010

"Magic Hats" Mrs. Martins' kindergarten class, guest artist, Andee Rufloff

Guest Artist Andee Rudloff put on her thinking cap and came up with this "Magic Hat" project for Mrs. Martin's Kindergarten class. Students used tag board, pom poms, all sorts of papers, stickers, yarn and just about anything we could find to create these wonderful mixed media pieces. Each child has a story to tell about the name of their magic hat and what it does. We've got just about every time of "Magic Hat" you can think of. From hats that make you dance, to hats that protects you from sharks, and hats that turn you into a princess. There's even a hat that shots sand at you if you come to close to it. Try one of these hats on in your imagination and see where you go from there. Visit Andee Rudloff at:
Andee's "Magic Hat"
will be up for auction in our
"Magical Mystery Tour"
Art Show and Sale, April 17

Andee in her studio