Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Mystery Objects" Mrs. Kessler's second grade, Guest Artist, Jill Block

Jill Block was the guest artist for Mrs. Kessler’s Second Grade Class. Jill inspired the children by showing them many of her photographs and giving them some tips on taking good photos. We decided it would be fun to take close-up photos of objects that were out of context with the world around them.

First the children looked around the room to find an object that was interesting to them and snapped a photo. Next they came and worked with me on the computer zooming in until they were satisfied with the level of abstraction of their image.
After all the photos were printed we took a good look at them and had a great time writing clues to help you figure the mystery objects out. We wish you well in discovering the true identity of each “Mystery Object.”

Jill Block created this beautiful photo of her version of a mystery object. Her piece is on display with the children’s and it is also available on our online auction: and search for “Lockeland Art Auction.”

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