Monday, April 12, 2010

"Peace on the Land, Sea, and Air" Mrs. Brannan's 1st Grade. Guest Artist, Michelle Fuqua

Michelle Fuqua was the guest artist for Mrs. Brannan’s First Grade Class. Michelle blended her art skills and engineering skills to come up with this 2d/3d project for the children. The children were thinking peaceful thoughts about the land, sea or air when creating them. You can read about the meaning behind their art on the attached information cards.

First the children neatly painted a symbol with acrylic paint on a sheet of plexiglass. Next, they let their creativity flow by squishing paint, sequins and glitter all over their background sheet of plexiglass. The two pieces came together with the beautiful result you see here.

Michelle has donated an original acrylic on plexi glass painting available at our online auction: and search for “Lockeland Art Auction.”

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