Monday, September 28, 2009

Original Art - Coming Home Soon!

The Original Works art will be coming home soon!

Orders will be due on Thursday, October 15.

Your child's art will make the best Christmas gifts for friends and family.
All products will be shipped to Lockeland mid November with plenty of time left to wrap, ship,
or put under the tree. All money raised will benifit Lockeland Art and help purchase art supplies.

Check out this website to preview the products that your child's art can be transformed into:

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Examples of John Donovan's sculpture

to see more:

From Drawing to Sculpture - John Donovan

These images are for the drawing to sculpture lesson that John Donovan will be teaching on Thursday. Thank you John!

Magical Mystery Tour Passport

About the “Magical Mystery Tour” Passport

The passport is a log for earning the “Art Charm” for the S.A.G. Tag at Lockeland. Each child has a S.A.G. (Students Achieving Greatness) Tag at Lockeland. The S.A.G. Tag is a necklace that students add charms to throughout the year. Charms are earned for various reasons in all classes at school. The “Art Charm” represents the magical crystal that is hanging above our Magic Carpet in the art classroom. In the art room your child can earn their “Art Charm” by visiting the stops listed in the passport. The “Art Charm” is strictly an extra credit activity.

Each nine weeks your child can choose from two of the below stops on our “Magical Mystery Tour.” On the pages of this passport your child can draw - write about and/or photograph their experience at each stop. Please sign each of your child’s pages and send the passport to Lockeland before the nine weeks grading period ends. Your child will receive their charms in a grade level gathering at the beginning of the next nine weeks. I will also return your child’s passport at that time with a “Magical Mystery Tour” stamp on each completed page.

“Magical Mystery Tour” Stops(Choose two places from this list each nine weeks – please do not repeat stops except for Fairy Tales Bookstore and the Art Crawl – that can be a stop each nine weeks) Fairy Tales has a free arts and crafts time with story time every week day afternoon at 3:30. Please check off your stops as you go along your tour this year. All the places on this list are local, most of them free, and they are all related to art, architecture, landscape architecture, or interior design

Stops for the Magical Mystery Tour

___ Art and Invention Gallery
___ Art House Gardens
___ The Faux Ruins at the State Capital
___ Frist Center
___ Cheekwood
___ Downtown Art Crawl - 1st Sat. of each month___ Fairy Tales Bookstore
___ Bicentennial Mall
___ The Lobby of the Hermitage Hotel
___ The Lobby of the Union Station Hotel
___ Athena at the Parthenon
___ The view of the city skyline from the Shelby Street Bridge
___ Find your favorite headstone at Mt. Olivet Cemetery
___ Find your favorite Headstone at The Old City Cemetery
___ “The Muse” sculpture on Music Row by Alan Lequire
___ “Ghost Ballet” sculpture behind the Titans Stadium
___ The Mosaic Dragon at Fannie Mae Dees Park near Vanderbilt
___ Van Vechten Gallery at Fisk University
___ Downtown Presbyterian Church
___ Belmont Mansion
___ Belle Meade Mansion
___ The Courtyard and Gallery at the Main Library, Downtown.
___ State Capital Building
___ TN State Museum

The due dates for the passport are listed below:
First Quarter October 15
Second Quarter December 17
Third Quarter March 11
Fourth Quarter May 20

About Fairy Tales Bookstore:
Fairy Tales is a Pencil Partner to Lockeland Design Center and greatly helps Lockeland Art. Fairy Tales has a FREE story time/ art time each weekday at 3:30 and on Saturday at 10:30. You can view a story time/ art time at: Please feel free to visit Fairy Tales Bookstore every day if you like – make sure to remember that you can visit here each nine weeks if you like!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Thanks Tim Clo! We love the playlist you made us!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pit Fire Clay Lesson

Thanks to John Dononvan, the Assistant Professor, Foundations with MTSU's Art Department, for coming up with this great lesson for the 4th Grade Art Club. John will be a guest artist here at Lockeland for September and October.

The children will first be looking at: Edward Hicks " Peaceable Kingdom"

( you can see the image here)

The students will study "Peaceable Kingdom" and choose an animal to first draw
and then create out of raku clay. The culuminating activity will be to fire them
in a trash can with saw dust - here at Lockeland or in the yard of a nearby home.

Students will also learn about other pit fire artist and we will be looking at these
examples, along with others in class.

The students could get an idea of how the clay looks after fired. The semi-reflective sheen to her work is similar to what will result from the terra sigilatta, if we choose to use it.

Another clay artist working with pit-fired forms I have always enjoyed is Daisy Youngblood. She worked in New York City for a long time, and would dumpster-dive behind fast food restaurants for her pit kiln fuel. She swore that all the chemicals in fast food scraps gave her work lots of interesting colors & surfaces. She recently moved to Costa Rica. Here is her page from a gallerythat represents her in New York:

About the firding process

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Peace Signs Decorate the Lockeland Halls

Each child at Lockeland learned the history of the peace sign and created one of their own.  Thank you to Michelle, Charlo, and Sara for all your help laminating, cutting, gluing and labeling each class.  You can just feel the magic in the hall ways and it's such fun to see the children showing their friends and family their work!  Thank you Michelle, Charlo and Sara! 

Garden Art! Kindergarten

One of the first lessons for kindergarten is learning about lines.  We go on a line and shape walk and look for straight, curvy, zig zag lines and the shapes all these lines makes.  This year we stopped by our school community garden a picked some beautiful vegetables.  The children looked like fairies darting in and out of the plants - they were overjoyed with being allowed to pick the vegetables.  We came back to the art room with an arm load of beautiful egg plants, little cherry tomatoes and beautiful green peppers.  We talked about the lines in the the vegetables, the shapes those lines made and looked at the layers and layers of georgous colors.  

I gave each child a black sharpie marker and told them that they would be making their own coloring book page.  I demonstrated the basic lines and shapes that were in each vegetable and showed them how to layer colors of crayon.  The result was stunning.  The photos that are posted here are the works in progress but you can already see how well these were turing out.  I wish I could draw like a kindergartner. 

A few finished 3rd grade doodles

The doodle lesson is drawing to a close and the result is fabulous, fun and very colorful.  The students collaged tissue paper over their Sharpie doodles, when they were dry - I laminated them.  To bring it all together they went back over some the lines that were hidden by the tissue paper and added some new doodles on top of the lamination.  These are going out in the hallway by their classroom.  The teachers will put a clip on them and display their classwork.