Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Take a peek inside the art room!

Thank you Robin Dodd of Robin Dodd Photography for this fun and fabulous photo shoot! Thank you for including my story and the story of Lockeland Art in your project depicting the roles of East Nashville women in their community. It is such an honor to be a part of this amazing and vibrant school community and to be a part of the East Nashville community that we all know and love. My classroom is not exactly what you see in these photos. Robin and I were striving to show you the essence of creativity which does include movement, talking, and activity. We wanted you to see the energy that is in art and to feel the joyous spirit of creativity with just a single shot. Which one do you think best shows this feeling? I hope you can feel the inspiration in all of them!

See our Art Show

This video is about Lockeland Art's 3rd annual community based art show featuring each and every student (grades K-4) along with artist from the community. This year our theme was the "Magical Mystery Tour; on the Road to Love , Peace and Understanding." The theme was inspired by one of our teachers who was the survivor/thriver of a violent crime last year. We hope to help change the world with a lots of art and lots of love!

Thank you Jason Mallory of RedBone Entertainment for making this fabulous video of our 3rd annual Art Show and Sale for the "Magical Mystery Tour." Click the link below to watch!

To see more of Jason's Work visit: and