Sunday, April 11, 2010

"Magic Hats" Mrs. Martins' kindergarten class, guest artist, Andee Rufloff

Guest Artist Andee Rudloff put on her thinking cap and came up with this "Magic Hat" project for Mrs. Martin's Kindergarten class. Students used tag board, pom poms, all sorts of papers, stickers, yarn and just about anything we could find to create these wonderful mixed media pieces. Each child has a story to tell about the name of their magic hat and what it does. We've got just about every time of "Magic Hat" you can think of. From hats that make you dance, to hats that protects you from sharks, and hats that turn you into a princess. There's even a hat that shots sand at you if you come to close to it. Try one of these hats on in your imagination and see where you go from there. Visit Andee Rudloff at:
Andee's "Magic Hat"
will be up for auction in our
"Magical Mystery Tour"
Art Show and Sale, April 17

Andee in her studio

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