Monday, April 26, 2010

With Loving Thanks!

With Loving Thanks!

The "The Magical Mystery Tour; On the Road to Love, Peace and Understanding" was a huge success!

Loving Thanks to all of those who helped. Sixteen guest artist shared their time and talents with our school.Countless parents helped to get the art show ready, take it down and bring each piece
carefully back to school. A special thank you goes out to Dan Heller and all the merchants of Riverside Village. The show will remain on display in Riverside Village until May 10th. Please stop by Riverside Village at1400 McGavock Pike and visit the children's beautiful art.

I am still collecting the $10.00 for the children's art. Nashville Dave is almost finished creating fine art prints from the photos that Carrie Fanning, of "Pick A Fig Photography" ( took of the children's art. These prints commemorate our beautiful art show. The fine art prints are $30.00 and will be on display soon at Lockeland.

Please make all checks for the Art Show and Sale to: Lockeland Design Center.
Thank you!
Ms. Camilla

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