Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Understanding Lockeland's History" Ms. Butler's second grade class, Guest Artist, Steve Johnson.

Steve Johnson was the guest artist for Ms. Butler’s Second Grade Class. Steve used his skills as an architect to come up with a lesson on Lockeland’s history and architecture. Steve taught the children the history of our school and East Nashville. Each child was able to come to a deeper understanding of our school’s history and imagine it in its past, present and future.

Steve found an elevation of Lockeland and had them printed on a sheet of watercolor paper. After learning about the school’s history the children drew what was important to them about our school’s past, present, and/or future. Many of the children used words in their art to help explain what they were conveying visually.

Each child has written an explanation of their work on the attached information sheets. We hope you enjoy their stories.

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