Thursday, April 22, 2010

"The Colors of Love, Peace, and Understanding" Lockeland's fourth grade art club, Guest Artist, Robert Edwards

Robert Edwards of the Teacup Gardner was the guest artist for Lockeland’s fourth grade art club. Robert was inspired by, and in turn inspired, the children with the work of Pablo Picasso. He brought in his favorite Picasso books and shared many images with the children before encouraging them to first draw and then paint their own Picasso inspired portraits on wooden panels.

Robert used a portrait from each art club student and combined it with portraits made by himself and his own children to create this amazing Picasso inspired totem pole. This sculpture is well suited for the garden and combines the true spirit of the community effort that the “Magical Mystery Tour Art Show” embodies.

Robert Edwards has donated this piece and it is available at our online auction: search “Lockeland Art Auction.”

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