Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Japanese Inspired Family Crest" Mrs. Birdwell's second grade, Guest Artist, Hosanna Banks

Hosanna Banks was the guest artist for Mrs. Birdwell’s Second Grade Class. Hosanna inspired the children by teaching the history and importance of the family crest in Japan. We were delighted to learn that the logo for Wantanabe is an adaptation of the co-owner’s family crest. Wantanabe’s crest symbolizes three people in a ship and means, “three heads are better than one.” If you have ever had the pleasure to work with Mr. Wantanabe you would see that to be true.

First the children drew on a piece of silk with a special liquid wax. When the wax was set they painted on the silk with a special, richly colored dye. Each of the crests you see hanging in this show represents something about this child’s family that is important to them. You can read more about them in the binder located at the bar or the hostess’ stand.

Hosanna created a beautiful torn paper collage on the head of a drum. Her piece is on display with the children’s and it is also available on our online auction: and search for “Lockeland Art Auction.”

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