Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Peace Path" Mrs. Foutch's fourth grade, Guest Artist, Nashville Concrete Artist

The Nashville Concrete Artist was the guest artist for Mrs. Foutch’s fourth grade class. Carrie taught the children about the blending of science and art to create beautiful things out of concrete.

First the children saw and felt all the ingredients that go into concrete and watched Carrie mix it before their very eyes. Next, they poured the wet concrete into a mold and pressed jewels and small treasures into it. On the second pour they saved their plaques until it was hardened and then painted a peace sign with acrylic paint.

You can also see examples of her fine art currently displayed in Sip Cafe. Carrie has donated the large “Peace Sign Stepping Stone” that was designed to be a landing at the base of your steps or a focal point in your garden. It is avalible at our online auction: search “Lockeland Art Auction.”

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