Thursday, May 6, 2010

Healing Through Art

Nashville has been declared a federal disaster area by Obama because of the recent ravage of our community by massive amounts of rain, rising rivers and unpredicted flood waters. Thousands of homes in Nashville are still underwater, many families have lost everything and two hundred homes in the neighborhood of our school alone are still underwater.

Our students will most likely be reporting back to school on Monday and as the children's art teacher I am thinking of ways to help heal our community and the city of Nashville. I would love to have them decorate signs with Sharpie markers with words like: Hope, Help, Healing, Love, and take them out into the community to help boost the morale of all the tireless workers who are exhaustively trying to help others. I want to help the children to help others.

Our community has been amazing in coming together to support one another. I am planning on ideas for how our children can give back as I am sure they will want to help as well. Although it is not safe for them to be helping clean up the devastated homes - they can help by creating art that can encourage and support our community in other positive ways. If you have ideas or would like to help me help the children help others please email me at:

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